Mari, today I am reminded why I LOVE YOUR LIP BALM! I have Tardiv Dyschenisia, which means I have tics that cause me to open my mouth easily hundreds of times a day. It has made my lips cracked and dried. I have tried 50+ different products from cheap to $100. I got the lip balm as an... extra (got the skin repair for my Gdaughter). My lips are finally soft again. The lines are diminishing and FINALLY after a decade, I can wear lipstick! That may not seem like much, but it is huge to me! HUGE. I can kiss my Grandbaby with soft lips.

♥ THANK YOU for this miracle Mari ♥ LOVE YOU GIRL!

Silverdale, WA

At 30 years old, I had resigned myself to a life of embarrassment, tears, and long sleeve shirts. For 25 years I have suffered from psoriasis and now it covers over 90% of my body during a flare and approximately 80% of my body when I am not flaring. I have tried everything from steroid creams to natural remedies to a drug study which required daily self-injections and which left me very ill. Then, a miracle appeared in my mailbox. My friend sent me the introductory gift set and that day started a change in my skin. Skeptically, I'll admit, I put the skin repair on my legs and arms and I waited for the searing, burning pain that I always feel with lotion. It never came, and the itching stopped! The next morning, there was a significant reduction in redness, itching, and burning in my legs. I cried with joy. Within a week there was a remarkable difference in my skin, something that has never happened to me. My flare up was brought to a controllable place in less than a week, typically it's a 2 month long event.

suuthe is changing my life every day. I wore a short sleeve shirt to work this week, that never happens anymore! As incredible as this miraculous products is, the staff are just as incredible. I have never experienced such a high level of customer service in my life. I am not just an order number at suuthe, I am a person with a name and a story, and everyone celebrates my victories with me.

Gone are the days of cracked skin, humiliation, and the nights of crying myself to sleep from desperation and pain. When I unwrap my products in their little green papers and I get the signed notes in my envelope, my heart sings. I want to shout from the rooftops to anyone who will listen about this product. I wish I could say that suuthe has given me my life back, but to be honest, it was a life I had only ever dreamed of, never a reality until now, so I will say that suuthe is making my dreams come true, and for that, I cannot say thank you enough. What a huge blessing these people and products have been in my life.

With deepest gratitude and thanks,
Albuquerque, NM

I have suffered from painful eczema mostly on my hands for years. It was not only painful, but embarrassing and left me with a severe lack of confidence. I've tried every remedy from steroid creams from dermatologists to homeopathic balms and nothing ever relieved the pain, itching, and embarrassment. Finally, a miracle! suuthe's Skin Repair absolutely changed my life. In just three days of using this product, the cracks in my skin closed and my hands didn't itch. Today, I am not constantly concerned with my skin. I put the skin repair on in the morning after I shower and at night before bed. They stay moisturized all day and I have normal hands! What a huge blessing.

The skin repair works on everything too. I've put it on every skin problem from curling iron burns, bug bites, and carpet burns. Its soothes my skin, no matter what. And it smells great too! I am truly grateful for this product as it has given me my life back.

Yours in Gratitude,
Taos, NM

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received the skin repair gift set the other day and after using it 3 times on our 9 month old (really dry skin, possibly eczema), he is 95% better. We absolutlely love it and will definitly pass along the samples and recommend it to everyone. Thanks so much, your work is really appreciated.

All the best,
Victor, ID

I have to say I LOVE suuthe products. I have recommended them to so many people since I started ordering your product last year.

Thank you
Encinitas, CA.

I've been meaning to follow-up with you on the eczema salve you sent over (thank you). We've been using it on the kids for several weeks now and it's working great. My wife (our family Dr.) really likes it and said she would switch to this salve. Keep well.

Denver, CO

Hello Mari!

Thank you thank you for the samples...absolutely love the original lip balm as does my little 7 year old daughter!

Englewood, CO

We are back from the Grand Canyon, what an amazing adventure that was. The salve was a big hit! It really helped Zane's legs withstand the abuse of constant sand and water. It's still the only product that doesn't make him itch. It also came in really handy for everyone on the boats who sat in wet swim trunks all day. They found that it provided quick, soothing comfort!!!

Diane H.
Glenwood Springs, CO

I used your salve as part of my mastitis-treatment regiment, and it worked wonders!

Then, last night, I used [the Skin Repair] on my 90-year-old grandpa's hand (he has a sore where his skin opened up, requiring a trip to the ER before we arrived), and it looks so much better today. :)

Wendy D.
Carlsbad, CA

I am a friend of one of your other customers, and recently, while visiting her I had the chance to try out your product on my youngest. It was wonderful! It worked miracles on my daughter’s eczema! Thank you for creating such a great product. The Skin Repair is the only stuff I've found to help her dry, crusty skin. It seemed to help her skin so she would stop scratching it raw...

Nikki O.

Mari, I wanted to thank you for your amazing salve. My niece, who's 6, has issues with digestion. She gets so constipated, that she's afraid to go to the bathroom, and holds it, and this past weekend she was in diapers all weekend.

Because of all these issues, the skin around her bum, etc. was raw & oozing... It was so painful she couldn't sit down, couldn't go to school, had to take baths every 30 minutes for the last 3 days. Her mom was putting Vaseline on her, since it was the only thing that would cling to the skin (she tried a lanolin-based cream, but that wouldn't stay). I gave her some of the suuthe salve. That was last night, and this morning when she woke up, she was so excited because she could sit again! And she wasn't in pain...

She's still a little red, but so much better than she was. Now the mom can move on to treating the initial issue, the digestion, since the terrible pain is gone.

I just wanted to share that with you all...I had no idea that it would help that much, but I'm a believer now! I think I'll keep some on hand always for such emergencies :)

San Diego, CA

Thank YOU for creating this amazing product, I can't tell you how much we use and appreciate it.

I pulled it out over Thanksgiving when my sister in law burned her hand while cooking. She said "Hey that actually is working really well already” after just a few minutes. Everyone I've let use it has been impressed.

Christina C.
Carlsbad, CA

suuthe's Skin Repair Salve is a staple in my kitchen, not for eating, but because it has prevented so many burn scars! After I tried to pick up a hot stove grate, I immediately applied your salve and ran my fingers under cool water for a few minutes. No blisters even formed after that! Thank you Miracle Mari!

Carol J

My daughter didn't want to think your products were going to work on her stubborn eczema, then she sheepishly told me that the Skin Repair is fabulous!

Jenny H.

This morning I was getting my little Alexandra into a tub and filling it with water. Suddenly a cry of pain and I realized Alexandra was scalded with hot water. I pulled her quick out of the tub, she was screaming bloody murder, I examined her, she had a red skin on her foot, I nursed her but she was still crying. I put her foot in cold water for a while and then put your salve on the red spot. Now, it is evening and her skin looks just slightly pink, she is also feeling good. Thanks Mari!

Monika M.

I used your super salve 2-3x a day and the rash began to lighten and not itch anymore within 3-4 days. Remarkable! And now, it's almost all faded.

Thanks so much. I am going to tell my mom and sister about it and see if they want to use some on my little nephew (he's almost 2 yrs old and has eczema on random parts of his body)...

My mom has been using [Skin Repair] on my nephew's eczema and she says it's working. Hurray!

Thank you for making this available! It is wonderful, Tanner's face rash is all cleared up. And yes! I have been telling my friends. Whenever someone I know complains of a skin issue, I talk about your salve.

San Diego, CA

I've used your Skin Repair on my baby, my husband, my brother-in-law and myself on a variety of things from cuts to rashes to strange cuts/rashes that wouldn't heal. It truly is magical.

Jennifer S.

I recently (early August) had a nasty dog bite on my face that required a whole passel of stitches (50 in all, 30 on the outside and 20 inside). I've been taking vitamin E and applying aloe a few times a day, and massaging with a vitamin E oil several times a day. It's been healing nicely, faster than I expected, but has continued to have quite a bit of tenderness, mostly inside the tissues, that I feel most acutely when I apply pressure to it. I put some of the skin repair on and later that night, when I went to apply some more, I noticed that the tenderness was largely reduced. Just like that, after just one application. It was amazing. I didn't think anything could have an effect that quickly. I ordered more right away so that hopefully my order will arrive before I've used all of the sample up. Today, same thing... the tenderness has not returned. I can't thank you enough for making the results of your hard work available to people outside your family. Besides making my injury feel better, it smells great and FEELS great on the skin! With the vitamin E oil, I was rubbing some in every couple of hours because it would feel so dry and stiff if I didn't. I just realized that I haven't felt that dryness and stiffness all day; I applied your skin repair when I got dressed this morning and it's nearly 4:00pm now. And the skin around the scar STILL feels silky from your salve! What amazing stuff you have! This really is like magic! Thanks!!!!

San Antonio, TX

I've been buying your suuthe product and sharing it with friends since my daughter, Maria, introduced it to me several years ago. It's been great for all sorts of skin problems - scratches, cuts, burns, chafing but last week it got a bigger test. In taking a hot skillet out of the oven, I burned the side of my palm from my fingers to my wrist. My husband suggested I go to the emergency room but after immersing it in cold water for 10 minutes I thought I could handle it. I applied your ointment and covered it with a sterile pad. Before long the pain subsided and next morning it didn't look worse so I kept up the treatment. Two large blisters formed but the rest of the burned area was back to normal in two days! I kept applying the Skin Repair to the blisters and, after about 6 days, they just went away. Now, 9 days later, I just have two shiny discolored patches where the burns were. I am continuing with your ointment throughout the day and each morning even these spots look healthier. Anyway, thanks for a great product; I'm amazed at how quickly these burns healed.

PS. Today the brown patches began peeling off and there is normal skin underneath. Usually with blisters you get that new, raw skin but this is like normal. Keep making the suuthe Skin Repair!

I recently gave a tin to my sister-in-law. She had cracked skin on her thumb. I told her how I'd had one for two years and tried everything--bandaging it for a month, glue, etc. but nothing worked until my daughter suggested your salve. Within a month it was healed and has never returned.

Maria M.

My niece was using suuthe Skin Repair on her baby, with fantastic results. She gave me a tin of skin repair after my double mastectomy, in November 2007. I used it on my scars daily and after my reconstructive surgery in March 2008. I saw my plastic surgeon in August and he was amazed at how well I was healing. He thought the results turned out better then most. I then saw my breast surgeon in September and she told me to not show anyone my results, she had never seen a patient heal so well! suuthe skin repair has helped me feel whole again. The scars are so faint. My friend gave me a gift certificate for a facial after surgery, I broke out from the ingredients used in the facial. The next day I had welts all over my face, I immediately put skin repair on my face and within an hour the redness was gone, and no more itching. I recommend Skin Repair to anyone who is having surgery or has sensitive skin.

Gail H.
Del Mar, CA