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Skin Repair

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Skin Repair 
Skin Repair is our flagship product and the reason we are in business today.

Our Skin Repair is a synergistic blend of some of nature's most magnificent healing ingredients. Mari developed this Skin Repair cream when her son was suffering from very dramatic eczema. She could not find a skin product on the market that helped him so she decided to make her own skin repair product.

Skin Repair is naturally anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and anti inflammatory. Skin Repair is equally effective for all kinds of skin issues from rashes to open wounds and stretch marks to arthritis. Skin Repair is also baby safe. No home should be without it!

What's in our Skin Repair?
• Pure Emu Oil
• Shea Butter
• Organic Olive Oil
• Beeswax
• Essential Oils: Lavender, Lemon, Chamomile Flower Extract (German Blue)

Skin Repair by suuthe is effective for:
diaper rash, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, cracked skin, scrapes, cuts, bumps, bruises, sunburn, 1st & 2nd degree burns, stings & insect bites, skin rash treatment, baby skin issues, acne breakouts, aging skin, wrinkled skin, allergy rashes, arthritis, itchy rashes, atopic dermatitis, bumpy rashes, painful rash, painful skin, sensitive skin, calluses, red itchy skin, fungus diaper rash, bursitis, stretch marks, topical eczema, dermatitis herpetiformis

suuthe is a mother-inspired line of skin products that nourishes and repairs damaged skin. suuthe skin products are made from high-quality, 100% natural and organic, food-grade ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to provide fast, effective, natural relief for sensitive and damaged skin. At suuthe we make all of our products with the customer as our top priority.

If it doesn't work, we don't sell it!

Watch these videos to learn more about the suuthe story & ingredients:

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Best healing product available!
Posted 9th Jun 2021 by Sarah R

I have been using suuthe since it was created for diaper rash (and as diaper ointment too), sunburn, bug bites, bruises, wounds - pretty much anything involving skin. I love that I could even eat it, and I don't have to worry when my puppy tries to lick it off. Apparently, it tastes good!

Suuthe Skin Repair
Posted 16th Feb 2021 by Kim K

Been using this for years after meeting the most gorgeous mtn bike racer in Colorado. She had rosacea, used this product daily, and has no residual marking/scarring from her condition. I started using it that day, hoping it would make me look like her. Alas I'm no where near as beautiful as she, but for an old broad I look good and my skin looks AMAZING.

This stuff is amazing!
Posted 10th Feb 2021 by Lara

This product is truly fantastic. I have multiple small scars after a surgery in November and they are already starting to soften and lighten. I also deal with cracked skin in the winter and I’ve been using this on my trouble spots and it’s improving vastly. I am now a lifelong customer of this product!

Skin Repair is Miraculous
Posted 14th Nov 2019 by Mary Mosier

I have suffered chronic rashes around my eyes for years. I’ve seen various allergists and dermatologists, used expensive (and ineffective) steroid creams, bought special allergy free laundry detergent, stopped wearing makeup, and gulped down hundreds of Zyrtec pills. It’s nothing short of a miracle that Skin Repair cleared my condition overnight! Thank you Suuthe!

Love the skin repair!
Posted 16th Jan 2019 by Cindy

My toes and heels get so dry and I put this on and get rid of the dry cracked skin in just days! I've been using the skin repair for years and this is the best product and works so quickly.

Best cream for many uses and many reasons
Posted 8th Jul 2018 by Judy

Skin Repair is outstanding! I use it for minor scratches, small cuts, burns and whenever I need a healing cream. It works almost like magic, relief is fast and long lasting. I could not take care of myself without Skin Repair.

Loyal customer
Posted 17th Oct 2017 by Dori Gross

In 2008 At a golf tournament I got a sample of the skin repair and the results were incredible I called the number on the sample and a very nice young man helped me out in ordering a new container ...as my grandaughters grew up and got boo-boos I used it on them a few months back my kitten scratched one o the girls on the chest cleaned out the wound and used skin repair my grandaughter was amazed how fast it healed . Last week my other grandaughter came over and had eczema on the top of both hands applied skin repair next morning it was so much better that afternoon both my daughter and I ordered a container each ...eczema is mostly gone, small patch over one knuckle Oh did I tell you how We love this product?❤️

How did I ever live without it?!
Posted 12th Dec 2016 by Concetta Antonelli

Fantastic product! It heals quickly whatever skin irritations, blemishes, bites or just dryness I have with the added bonus of it just smells & feels good! Thanks again for creating it & offering it to the public.

Excellent skin soother
Posted 19th Jul 2016 by Joan Egerton

I have been using this product quite a few years. It is the BEST for bites-relieves itching and promotes healing; same for facial outbreaks; cuts and other skin irritations.

Healed my daughters skin in days
Posted 23rd Apr 2016 by Lisa

Suuthe was given to me by a friend I have severe eczema for years I have tried every cream lotion medications even enbrel for 3years, it would slowly decrease come back it was a losing battle, I stopped taking enbrel for lots of reasons, I felt defeated nothing I used worked, until a friend gave me a sample to try on my hands and it went away in days and never came back, I have eczema covering my legs feet and arms right now, when I can afford to buy a large amount I will buy more and start using it in my self, a month ago my 13 yr old started with a small patch on her inner arms nothing was working the spot got bigger and bigger started on the other arm and back of her knee so I bought skin repair and she uses it about 4 times a day and we have seen a huge difference the red skin is gone and the area is getting smaller I say another 4 days it should be gone, this product is amazing I recommend it anyone with skin issues, I tell anyone I know with eczema they have to use it it is the only product in 7 years that has healed eczema

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Skin Repair