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Pure Emu Oil

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Refined Grade A Pure Emu Oil 
Pure emu oil has been used for thousands of years by the Australian Aborigines for its incredible healing power.

Due to its very powerful anti-inflammatory effects, emu oil is used for:
• Burn treatment
• Dry skin treatment
• Daily skin care 
• Normalizing clogged pores 
• Reducing swelling & inflammation
• Arthritis & other joint pain relief

The benefits of suuthe's Pure Emu Oil are most potent when the oil is allowed time to deeply penetrate skin. It will then begin working with the user's body to normalize inflamed tissues. 

suuthe Pure Emu Oil is refined through a pure water process. No harsh chemicals are used. 

Fun Facts:

• The Emu is a bird native to Australia and is only topped by the ostrich in height.
• Pure Emu Oil is classified as hypo-allergenic because it has little to no reaction rate.
• In Australia and New Zealand, emu oil products are used over pharmaceuticals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burn treatment. 

What is in our Pure Emu Oil?
You guessed it - Grade A Refined Emu Oil ONLY!
* Pure Emu Oil is naturally colorless, tasteless, and odorless 

Pure Emu Oil by suuthe is effective for:
diaper rash, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, cracked skin, scrapes, cuts, bumps, bruises, sunburn, 1st & 2nd degree burns, skin irritation due to cancer treatments, stings & insect bites, skin rash treatment, baby skin issues, acne breakouts, aging skin, wrinkled skin, hair loss, allergy rash, arthritis, itchy rashes, atopic dermatitis, bumpy rashes, painful rash, painful skin, sensitive skin, calluses, red itchy skin, fungus diaper rash, bursitis, stretch marks, topical eczema, dermatitis herpetiformis

suuthe is a mother-inspired line of skin products that nourishes and repairs damaged skin. suuthe skin products are made from high-quality, 100% natural and organic, food-grade ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to provide fast, effective, natural relief for sensitive and damaged skin. At suuthe we make all of our products with the customer as our top priority.

If it doesn't work, we don't sell it!

Watch these videos to learn more about the suuthe story & ingredients:


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So Suuthing Emu Oil
Posted 16th Mar 2021 by Emmy

In my job walk and wash my hands a lot. When I get home my my hands are so dry and my body is sore. Emu oil is the best all purpose oil. When you apply it to your skin it is warm and soothing. The moisture will cover and stay even you will just use few drops. It is worth the price!

Emu Oil
Posted 16th Feb 2021 by Kim K

It fixes everything! I love the entire Suuthe line.

Very Suuuthing Emuuuu Oil =)
Posted 5th Dec 2017 by undefined

I have rosacea on my face and this really helps keep the redness down. It really calms down my sensitive skin. Starting to use it everywhere instead of lotion. This is a great product. My husband uses the Suuthe skin repair...he's a machinist so he gets a lot of small cuts on his hands so he puts it on at night and he is amazed at how fast his hands heal now.

Love this multi-use product!
Posted 17th Feb 2014 by Lisa Barnstrom

I love this product. I go through it pretty often, because like Suuthe's Skin Repair, their emu oil can do so many things. I use it as a moisturizer, a massage oil, and a pain-relieving oil. It soaks up quickly without leaving you feeling greasy and it works like a charm. It's a must in my inventory of skin products!

Keeping the moisture in
Posted 14th Nov 2013 by Jennifer Lansing

I not only cleanse my face with the Emu oil, I use it as a protective barrier when we go riding on the motorcycle. It helps to keep the moisture in and the dirt out of my pores. I also use it when I get deep tissue massage. It works as an anti inflammatory and I don't get as sore afterwards. I LOVE this product!!!

Best moisturizer for dry skin
Posted 10th Sep 2013 by Cindy W

I started using the Suuthe Emu Oil on my toes and heels in the winter, then put it on my legs after getting out of the shower. It is the only product that I found works in our dry Colorado winters, especially in the high country. I would use lotion, but my skin would be dry a few house later, not with the Emu Oil!

Love the feeling on my skin
Posted 9th Jul 2013 by undefined

This product really makes my skin feel smooth. I wear it at night to rehydrate. Additionally, I use it on my kids whenever they have dry skin. Their skin is very sensitive and often rashes result when I put moisturizer on. This DOES NOT occur with the emu oil. I am so glad we found something that helps!

Another winner
Posted 29th Apr 2013 by Connie Peterson

I use Suuthe Emu Oil for the natural anti-inflammatory properties as well as unbelievable ability to heal burns faster than anything else on the market. I also use this product in my hair as a fortifying agent and because it is never less than Grade A refined I keep a bottle in the kitchen for a natural source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).

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