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Introductory Gift Set


This Introductory Gift Set is the perfect way to get started with suuthe products.
Buy one for yourself and/or someone you care about today!

 Our Introductory Gift Set Includes:
• Two 1.5 oz tins of Skin Repair
• Two 0.15 oz tubes of our Soothing Lip Balm (1 Original & 1 Peppermint)
• Two 0.5 oz samples of our Skin Repair to share with friends! 

* For product ingredients & details, please visit the individual product pages.

suuthe is a mother-inspired line of skin products that nourishes and repairs damaged skin. suuthe skin products are made from high-quality, 100% natural and organic, food-grade ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to provide fast, effective, natural relief for sensitive and damaged skin. At suuthe we make all of our products with the customer as our top priority.

If it doesn't work, we don't sell it!

Watch these videos to learn more about the suuthe story & ingredients:


Check out all of our natural skin products:

Skin Repair for healing damaged skin- the product that started it all! 
Natural Body Butter for hydrating dry and damaged skin. 
Soothing Lip Balm for sensitive areas around the mouth and keeping lips moisturized and healthy. 
Facial Moisturizer to nourish, refresh, and deeply moisturize your face. 
Pure African Shea Butter that is extremely gentle on the skin and aids in deep repair and moisturizing.
Pure Emu Oil that penetrates deep into the skin to repair and normalize damaged tissue.


Year Round Must Have Items
Posted 20th Feb 2019 by Danielle Cleary

I started using Suuthe skin repair when my first child was born--this was our go-to diaper rash cream, and has now become a necessary item in our house. We've used it on cracked skin, skin healing from surgery, skin receiving radiation treatment...I don't leave the house without it. I've handed this along to many friends, and have heard stories of how it healed cold sores overnight and finally gave a woman with severe psoriasis some relief when nothing else could. Thank you for your wonderful products Mari!

Smooth skin @ any age
Posted 21st May 2017 by Jill Lubeck

When the skin repair is worn under facial make-up, the make-up goes on smoother. When worn over, there's a shimmer. Body cream truly moisturizers dry skin.

Better than butt butter!
Posted 22nd Sep 2015 by Biker chic

I love this stuff! The skin repair works great as a lube in those spots that get sore from your bike seat! Try some, you won't be disappointed!

Skin Repair is what goes on my face every night.
Posted 20th Sep 2015 by Deb

I have been using skin repair on my face every night for years and years now. Tried and true, nothing works better in keeping my skin healthy all year long.

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Introductory Gift Set